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Up DownBlack Modern Wall Lamp Led Aluminum Outdoor

R 340.00

 Wall Lamp Led Aluminum Outdoor Indoor Ip65 Up Down  Black Modern For Home Stairs Bedroom Bedside Bathroom Light


Product Name: LED Wall Light

Power: 2W 4W 6W 8W 10W 12W

Input Voltage: AC85-265V

Color: Cold White 

Output Illumination: 90-100lm

Housing Material: aluminum

Shell Color: white / black

Beam Angle: 60 degrees

Light Source Chip: high power lamp beads


Color Temperature: Only White 6000-6500K

2W Size: 78*80*32mm

4W Size: 120*80*34mm

6W Size: 168*80*40m

8W Size:  219*80*45mm

10W Size: 270*80*47mm

12W Size: 315*80*52m



1) Made of high quality aluminum, with higher reliability.

2) High-power lamp beads are used, the light transmittance is high, and the light-emitting brightness is large.

3) No UV or IR radiation, low power consumption and long life of 50,000 hours.

4) Small size, easy to install and easy to use.



Suitable for outdoor lighting, indoor home decor, living room, TV background wall, bedroom, bedside, hallway, stairs, balcony, gate, bar, porch, cafe, exhibition, shopping mall, etc.